Why choose an Electric Boilers?

Save money and energy

Reduce your maintenance costs

Help conserve the environment

Works well along with solar

It's Electric!

An Electric Boiler is a Boiler which operates using electricity rather than a combustible fossil fuel such as gas or oil boilers. Electric Boilers can come in variations such as Electric Combination Boilers, System Boilers and Flow Boilers. Electric Boilers are 100% efficient, meaning if you pay for 1kW of electricity, you will receive 1kW of heat.

Privately funded electric boilers from £1,150.

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How they work

Electric Boilers operate by having running water pass through an element, which is heated by electricity. … After the water is heated, it then passes through the rest of your home’s heating system and warms your home to a desired temperature.

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We Have helped thousands of UK households gain a 100% Boiler Grant via the UK GOVERNMENTS commitment to reduce the national carbon footprint.

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