Why choose an LPG Boiler?

Highly efficient fuel

Produces very low emissions

Help conserve the environment

Works well along with solar

What are they?

LPG boilers are available ready built or can be adapted from standard natural gas boilers by installing an LPG conversion kit. They require smaller main burner jets than a gas boiler because LPG is supplied at higher pressure that the standard mains supply.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas boilers use very similar technology to natural gas or oil boilers in that they burn fuel to produce the energy needed to heat water in the home. The main difference is that because the LPG is not coming from a mains supply, it needs to be stored in tanks and brought to your home.

Privately funded lpg boilers from £1,499

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Staying Fuelled

Solar Panels will produce you free electricity during daylight hours, this energy can be used in one or two ways. The first is the battery can store the energy for you to use on an evening this on average results in reduction of your electricity spends of on average 70%.

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We Have helped thousands of UK households gain a 100% Boiler Grant via the UK GOVERNMENTS commitment to reduce the national carbon footprint.

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